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August 29, 2009


Yum! I love those fries and aioli.

damn you and your food pictures, they always make me hungry! the burger is AMAZING! you didnt write about the fried chick peas though, those deserve mention!

Didn't this location used to be home to a French restaurant? Pretty sure I had a tasty quiche there once...

"the fried chickpeas are equally well executed little gems that I'd freebase if I could keep them lit." Best. Line. Ever. :)

Holy cow, Tim; this site is fantastic! Especially given my goal of trying every moderately interesting restaurant in P'town. Having only moved here a year and a half ago, I'm definitely just catching up.

I've been using the Willamette's top 100 guide and Belly Timber is definitely next in the queue -- I'm really glad to know it's worth giving a go. And I know I can put a lot of stock into your reviews; I read the Bunk post!

Thanks you for the kind words Mandy!

Belly Timber is indeed delicious and worth a stop, but do it soon as David Siegel is leaving for a year of global traveling at the end of February.

Bradley Dawson left the building some months ago and now holds down the bar at Blue Hour, so I can't speak to what the cocktail program is like these days.

I love the half-order concept, makes it viable to try two entrees instead of one. Let me know how it goes!

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