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July 27, 2009


I applaud any effort to enlighten the internets with knowledge of quality tequila!

A few things I'd respectfully comment on:

- I too prefer blancos in my margaritas. But reposados often have more bite and plenty of character to make a great margarita. They aren't to be confused with those overmellowed anejos. Two to try: Siete Leguas Rep and Chinaco Rep.

- Honestly, 4:1:1 is way out of whack. I like 3:2:1 for simplicity and 7:4:3 for strong reposados. My favorite of the bunch you reviewed is the El Tesoro Plat (my standby for everyday margs), and the agave notes are perfect in a 3:2:1. A 4:1:1 is definitely going to make it seem a bit too cheeky.

- By the same token, I'm not a fan of 1800 Select because it tastes neutered to me. But it's probably one of the more approachable ones in a 4:1:1.

- Next time you're springing, try the Siete Leguas blanco. It's one of the better ones IMO and often it's under $40. If you're in another state, you could try the Casa Noble blanco which is an absurd $52 here but hovers around $40 out of state. It's really nice stuff too.

- My personal favorite blanco is the Arette Blanco. They also happen to make the best tequila I've ever tried, the Gran Clase. Be on the lookout when out of state (or ordering from Hi-Time).

- Other really nice blancos if you get a chance somewheres: El Agave, Don Abraham, Don Fulano.

Better yet, let's debate this over here at Casa Flynn sometime. I have a handful of the ones reviewed above, and a few others...you bring the Citronge, which I've never tried!

I was waiting for someone to call me out on the 4:1:1. Yes, it's a bit too heavy for everyday drinking (although I do enjoy it this way from time to time with a good long shake), but I settled on that ratio for this part of the testing for a few reasons:

- This being the tequila tasting I wanted to bring the tequila forward as much as possible.

- If the winner could hold up under 4:1:1 conditions then it should be flexible enough to stand up to future abuse in the next two rounds of testing and tweaking.

- Though a tequila might taste better at a more traditional 3:2:1 or 2:1:1, I'm not sure that it would make such a difference as to rise in rank vs other Margaritas at the same ratio. (eg the El Tesoro will still have a bit of 'dirt')

That said, I'm really curious to try the El Tesoro at 3:2:1 to see how it plays.

Thanks for all of the recommendations! I'm especially interested in the Arette Blanco, not a bad price either. Is there an orange liqueur you prefer apart from the standard Cointreau?

We'll get together soon, swap booze, debate the finer points, and represent our booze nerdiness loud and proud!

Great info. I'm going to give Lunazul Blanco a try. I tend to make mine w/ 2 sugar cubes and 4:1 tequila to lime. I'll have to try the Cointreau instead. Cheers.

I have been drinking the Milagro Silver at $51 for the 1.75 litre. We make margarita's with it using simple syrup lemons limes and cointreau.


This is awesome, thank you!

Wonderful article. I recently started on the Margarita Mecca journey myself. (Perhaps we are longing for warm summer days. ) Thank you for providing a few roadsigns. I second the Lunazul, but don.t tell anybody. ;p

Try the Patron Citronge instead of Cointreau. It, in my humble opinion, is delicious.


Second the nomination for Milagro Silver - tastes wonderful.

I often put ice in a glass pour sugar on top, pour in some tequila and squeeze some lime on top..

rattle cubes and drink!!

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