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June 26, 2009


Wait until your sense of smell returns. When I first quit, I could barely walk down the deterget aisle at the supermarket.

It's already back with a hell of a force, for good and for bad.

I'm getting really tired of the smell of everyone's shampoo when I'm on the MAX...

Congrats on your gritty, I'm gonna do this cold turkey if it kills me ;) approach to becoming a non-smoker! Well done my favorite epicurean. If anyone has access to a padded room they would be willing to loan me for a couple of weeks, I would be eternally grateful! Tasting, smelling, I vaguely remember those senses but I miss them ;) LMAO at Miss Amyroseatkins recent tweet...

Correction, I'm still a newby tweeter and am foggy-headed having just awakened from a 4 hour nap. So my LMAO comment is directed to Tim Don. Very funny to those of us who understand the inside joke of "put it there, now pick it up and put it down"!


I object on principle.

But I still like you,

Smokin' Bunny

Good day
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