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June 29, 2009



You wrote "I felt the beef was well seasoned but really fall apart soft texturally (high fat content?)."

Yes and no.

(Fist off, let's clear up that I'm writing this presuming you meant "AND fell apart well.")

It's unlikely that they are using an extremely low fat content - "expensive cut." That would, cooked perfectly, fall apart very well.

Most likely what they are doing is using a fatty "cheeper cut."

So... yeah - FAT, but here the rub -

If you cook a fatty cut really fast, it'll fall apart well, but so will the fat, so that's why when you get served beef/pork/lamb/goat/yak/zebra/wallaby/etc you end up sucking on fat chunks.

What you gotta do is cook it for a very long time.

Put the big ol' honkin' bit o' dead animal in the fridge with some seasonings and liquid. Then the next day, take it out and cook it, with the liquid(and more if needed) on... oooh 300... for about 5-10 hours.

That should get ya some tenderass flesh for your delicate palate to inhale with glee.

Have fun,
Smokin' Bunny

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